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Whot Card game, Draughts (Drafts), 21 Card game and Checkers. One app, 4 games with size just 8.7MB (less than 10MB!)

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Create games and share with a friend or play the 3X games and win money.

If you win up to N5,000 or more, you can CASH OUT and the money will be sent to your Bank Account

So, if you are good in the above games, why not make some money at it. The games are timed so you dont have to wait forever for your opponent to play.

App Features

+ Low data and battery consumption so you can play all day
+ You get instant N2,000 for registering
+ Access to Free games or 3X competition games
+ 3X Games allow you can earn 3 times your money by winning 3 games!
+ Easy Cash Out. If you win up to N5,000 or more the money will be sent to your Bank Account within 24 hours

+ Various 3X Games categories to choose from, like N200, N500 and N1,000
+ Create your own games (public or private) and share the game ID to invite players
+ Game timer so no player wastes time. (Each move should be done in 3 or 4 mins)
+ No Adverts!
+ Quick pairing with other players
+ High speed response to player moves
+ Simple and easy to use interface
+ Play with real people. NO computers here!

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